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CASE STUDY: Chris' Ducted Heat Pump

System Installation at John & Jenni's

Back in May, we worked with builder Chris on a ducted heat pump in his beautiful new home in Feilding. Before the walls and ceiling were lined we installed the indoor unit, ducting, pipework and wiring.

In August, after the plastering and painting was completed we returned to install the outdoor unit, fit the diffusers & control panel and test the system.

Whilst it is certainly not impossible to retrofit a ducted system, by doing it at the time of the build we were able to put outlets in the best place both visually & in terms of air flow, and hide the pipework within the walls.

For this install we used a combination of classic round ceiling diffusers, and downjet diffusers (used in areas with high ceiling as they direct the air flow downward). Return grilles are filtered for easy cleaning and the outdoor unit is on a raised wall bracket for easy cleaning underneath.

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