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Our high wall and floor console "install from" prices are based on heat pumps installed in a basic back-to-back situation, in Palmerston North or within 30km.


Basic back-to-back is the quickest and easiest way to install a high wall or floor mount heat pumps as the pipe run is short and no condensation pump is required.

By positioning the indoor unit on an external wall with the outdoor unit located at ground level behind it, the condensation drain from the indoor unit can easily be run directly outside. This eliminates the need for a condensation pump.

These "install from" prices include up to 5m of pipework and up to 3m of trunking/capping.

The outdoor unit is always mounted on raised feet allowing for easy cleaning underneath it, and prolonging the life of the unit. Feet are fixed down to a concrete path.


All of our advertised "install from" prices include wiring to a suitable power source. For smaller units (typically under 5kW) the "install from" price is based on wiring off a nearby socket outlet, and for larger units (typically 5kW+) the "install from" price is based on wiring directly to the switchboard. If the nearest socket outlet is not suitable (such as if this is also the kitchen circuit or if the wiring is too old/small), or if the switchboard is far away or difficult to access then this will add an additional cost to the installation. You will be issued with an electrical code of compliance or safety certificate.

Additional costs?

  • Extra pipework & trunking: You may wish to add a few extra meters of pipework to keep the outdoor unit away from something like a window or off a driveway.

  • Pavers: The outdoor unit needs to be firmly fixed in place so if you don't have a concrete path, we'll need to supply a couple of pavers.

  • Wiring: If the existing house wiring is not suitable to extend, we wire to the switchboard. If we have to do this or if your switchboard is especially far away or difficult to access this may add a small cost.

  • Condensation Drain: If it is not possible to get fall for a drain and we need to use a condensation pump, this will cost extra.

  • Travel: We'll gladly install further afield but may have to charge for travel - call us to find out.

Already purchased a heat pump elsewhere? Tranzheat are happy to install reputable brands purchased from other retailers. As with all of our installations, if we undertake the job it will be done to manufacturers specifications so that the warranty is valid.

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