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The Tranzheat
Energy Recovery
Fresh Air

Ventilation System
works in a way that no system before it did.

Tranzheat Patented Active Energy Recovery ERV Fresh Air Ventilaion System
Tranzheats Patented Heat Recovery Ventilation System


  1. Get moist air out of your home quickly

  2. Strip ALL usable heat energy from it and send the moist air outside

  3. Add the recovered heat to a stream of fresh outside air

  4. Distribute the fresh air to all living areas and bedrooms

Tranzheat ERV System - Profile

Balanced Pressure Ventilation

This is important as the tighter building envelope in modern homes is not suitable for positive pressure.

Works by extracting air from damp areas (bathroom & kitchen), and pumping fresh outside air into all of the main living areas and bedrooms.

Meets the NZ Building Code.
It sounds obvious, but many systems don’t. The New Zealand Building Code requires homes to ventilate using outdoor air to maintain air purity. Ventilation systems that draw air from the roof space and not directly from outside do not comply with ventilation standard NZS4303:1990 “Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality”. They cannot be used to comply with the Building Code Acceptable Solution for Ventilation.

Unmatched Heat Recovery

Our patented Tranzheat system utilises Heat Pump technology to recover more heat from the outgoing stale/moist air.

We can recover all usable heat from air extracted from bathrooms, kitchen and any other moisture source in the home. Typically this air exits the system at between +2°C and -2°C having had around 20°C of usable heat stripped and transferred to the incoming fresh air stream.

The Only System to Offer a True Heat Gain.
That means the fresh incoming air is warmer than the stale/moist air it is replacing. Take advantage of the system for a heat boost in winter, and help distribute heat from primary heat sources throughout the home.


& Moisture Control

By removing moisture at source and introducing warm, fresh outside air into bedrooms and living areas we create a cycle of air through the home, resulting in the removal of moisture and condensation.

It is important to remember that condensation is only a symptom of high moisture levels which are the real issue. In modern homes double glazing reduces visible condensation and can hide the true extent of a moisture problem until it affects health.

Our customers tell us the Tranzheat system has made their home drier than they could achieve with dehumidifiers and this has real health benefits.

Summer Cooling

The Tranzheat system not only complements other heat sources rather than work against them, it can also provide summer cooling.

Because the technology inside our system is the same as that inside a heat pump, you can cool the fresh air entering the home during summer. No other ventilation system can offer this.


We know our competitors claim their heat exchange systems are up to 95% efficient but the fact is they all cause a heat loss in the home. That means the air they bring in is colder than the air it replaces. It also means your existing heating systems are going to have to work harder.

The technology in our Tranzheat system is different to anything else on the market and we have the patents to prove it.


Only a Tranzheat Energy Recovery System can give you a heat gain. Only a Tranzheat Energy Recovery System offers cooling in summer - forget summer bypasses, we mean actual cooling.

Heat Exchager in the Tranzheat Active ERV System



Pictured: One of two heat exchangers in the Tranzheat system.


Better Technology.

Home ventilation systems are nothing new, however most well known systems are completely ineffective in modern homes and are frankly archaic. The need existed for a better system that can work in new or old homes, and one that compliments the homes heating, rather than fighting against it. Tranzheat created the solution by utilising the tried and true technology used in heat pumps.

Our touchscreen control panel offers thermostat control,

on/off timers, and 7-day 4-period timer.

Fresh Outside Air Only.

Forget adverts with happy families and smiling houses, positive pressure systems do not meet the NZ Building code. Air from your roof space is of questionable quality. Don’t take our word for it - you can read independent information about home ventilation on the NZ Govt.’s EECA Energywise website -

Compliments Other Heat Sources.

Because Tranzheat recovers all usable heat from the outgoing air and you actually get a heat gain, it compliments your primary heat sources rather than fighting them. While other systems can make your heating less efficient, Tranzheat will do the opposite.

Only Tranzheat gives a true heat gain.

You will also find that because Tranzheat creates a cycle of air through the home, heat from your primary heat source will be better distributed throughout the home.

Reclaim Lost Heat.

Heat from the moist air you would normally send straight outside through bathroom extractors and kitchen rangehood passes through the Tranzheat system and has its heat content stripped. The moist air is still sent outside but it goes out cold. Real cold. Often below 0°C infact.

Reclaimed heat is transferred to the fresh outside air that is introduced to the home.



Absolutely rapt with the Tranzheat system. We get NO condensation at all on the coldest nights - just a very light mist on our bedroom doors. Matts room used to be cold but now stays warm, there are no cold spots in the house - the system tends to even the heat out, this is most noticeable in the bedrooms. In summer the system tended to remove the extreme heat as well.



It is astonishing how much heat is generated when the air is cold outside. We have no other form of heating apart from bathroom heaters. The air temperature in our house is very fresh, dry and  comfortable meaning the air temp is always warm.


This is our second winter with a Tranzheat unit & the window vacuum (we needed to use every morning) has never been used since & was only treating the symptom.

The moisture was so bad that our sliding door tracks would actually fill completely up inside


Not much really. It’s as discreet as we could make it.

  • There is only one unit which is typically located in the roof space.

  • Diffusers/outlets can be either rectangular or round and the extraction can typically be incorporated into existing bathroom ceiling light/fan units and kitchen rangehoods.

  • Our controller is a slimline, touchscreen unit with a glass front and no ugly logos.

Round Ceiling Diffuser / Vent
Rectangular Grille / Vent
Roof Flashing / Vent
Touch Screen Control Panel
Tranzheat Patented VentilationSystem


Fresh Air is Filtered.

Not that it needs to be though - we only use fresh outside air. We have a two filter system: a standard one to remove dust and pollen (removes approx 96% of all pollens and about thirty per cent of particles at 3 microns), and a carbon filter to help with odours (like a neighbour who likes to burn rubbish). Both can be vacuumed/rinsed and re-used. You can clean and change them yourself. After a couple of years use, a replacement pair is only $95.

Is it Easy to Use?

Pictured here, our slimline touch screen controller is very user friendly and has On/Off timer functions for those wanting control over how many hours per day the system is running.

Tranzheat Touch Screen Control Panel

Running Costs?

When working in heat recovery mode, it is using about as much power as two econo panel heaters (about 20c per hour), but achieves approximately 3x the heat output. When the home achieves the set temperature the unit will turn off. That means actual running costs are typically around $2.40 per day if run 24/7 with an achievable set temp. Make use of the On/Off timer and easily cut that down further.

Meets the NZ Building Code.

​It sounds obvious, but many systems don’t. The New Zealand Building Code requires homes to ventilate using outdoor air to maintain air purity. Ventilation systems that draw air from the roof space and not directly from outside do not comply with ventilation standard NZS4303:1990 “Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality”. They cannot be used to comply with the Building Code Acceptable Solution for Ventilation.



5-Year Warranty.

Covers all parts and labour. It really only excludes the kind of stuff you would claim insurance for (like fire, earthquake, lightening etc.) and tampering. Feel free to ask us for a copy of the warranty terms.

Is it Noisy?

No. Put it this way - If it’s louder than your fridge and we can’t sort it, we’ll give you your money back. In most cases you will not hear anything except a quiet rush of air from the vents. And if there was more than air noise coming from the vents? We will replace the ducting with one that has an accoustic deadening core... for free.

Where is it Installed?

There is only one unit (no outdoor unit) and in most homes it goes in the roof space. We have also put them under floors when the roof space hasn’t been an option.

Not a Primary Heating/Cooling Source.

We’re not into over promising and under delivering. The Tranzheat Energy Recovery System is designed to ventilate and remove moisture from your home. Our technology will complement other heating/cooling systems, helping to distribute warm/cool air throughout your home without making your primary heating/cooling source less efficient.


This system does not replace primary heating/cooling systems.

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